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Hearing Aids

There are many different hearing aids from different manufacturers.  It can be overwhelming to try to find the right one for you.  The audiologists at Audiology & Hearing Center of Tampa are experts who are continually being trained and updated with the latest hearing technology.  We will make sure you get a hearing aid that is customized for you and your needs. 

We are an independent Audiology practice in the Tampa Bay area and offer the latest technology from the major hearing aid manufacturers, which include Oticon, Phonak, ReSound, Siemens (Signia), Starkey, Widex and more.  

Our goal is to offer you the best hearing aid for your needs, your listening demand, your budget, and your preference.  It will be our pleasure and privilege to treat you like family.  We will be committed to a long-term relationship with you and will extend to you the knowledge you need to enhance your hearing health experience. 

There are two main categories of hearing aids:  Extended Wear & Daily Wear

Extended Wear Hearing Aid

The Lyric is the only 100% invisible, extended-wear hearing device you can wear 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for months at a time. 

The Lyric offers: 

100% invisible - Lyric is the only deep ear hearing aid technology that offers complete invisibility.  Thanks to its unique placement, you can enjoy the benefits of better hearing without anyone ever knowing you are using a hearing aid. 

Natural sound quality - The Lyric deep in the ear canal placement means it takes advantage of the natural benefit of the ear anatomy to provide a clear natural sound. 

Effortless hearing, all day, every day - Lyric is worn 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for months at a time (note: replacement needs may vary, duration of the device battery life varies by patient and is subject to individual ear conditions.)  You can use Lyric during daily activities, such as showering, talking on the phone, exercising, using headphones, and at night while sleeping.  Lyric has no batteries to change and requires no maintenance and no daily insertion or removal.  Wearing Lyric is so effortless, you just might forget you are wearing a hearing aid. 

Controlled by SoundLyncTM - Every Lyric subscription comes with SoundLync, a magnetic adjustment tool that allows you to adjust the volume, turn Lyric on and off, and to put it in sleep mode.  Lyric can also be removed, if needed, with SoundLync. 

We are proud to be one of the select practices in the Tampa Bay area to offer Lyric.  Dr. Nancy Wong and Dr. Julie Coudurier are both certified Lyric providers in our Westchase office where we have a fully equipped Lyric room for our evaluations and fittings. 














                                                                   Dr. Nancy Wong, Au.D. - certified Lyric provider


Contact us to find about a 30 day RISK FREE trial to see if the Lyric is right for you. 

The contact lens for your ears. 

Daily Wear Hearing Aid

Daily wear hearing aids are worn during the day and removed from the ear at night.  All of the daily wear hearing aids have digital technology.  Some features that digital hearing aid technology offers are: 

Automatic Adjustments - The hearing aid will automatically adjust to your listening environment whether you are in a restaurant, in a lecture hall that has an echo, on the phone, or outdoors playing golf on a windy day.  

Feedback Cancellation - Automatically ceasing the annoying whistle sound from the hearing aid.  

Dual Microphones - Identifies the source of noise and also the direction of speech to allow for hearing speech in noisy environments.  

Computer Programming -Our audiologists are experts in digital hearing technology, and will program your digital hearing aid using the manufacturers' proprietary software to accomplish your hearing potential to meet your individual needs over time.  

Bluetooth Technology - Allows you to converse on your cell phone and home phone directly through your hearing aids.  It also allows the streaming of music and television so that your hearing aids also become your personal listening devices. 

There are three basic styles of daily wear hearing aids: behind-the-ear, in-the-ear, and in-the-canal.  They differ in size, placement, and the degree to which they amplify sound.  

Following are some of the latest and most advanced Hearing Aid Technology: 

Phonak Marvel

Clear, Rich Sound -Enjoy better speech understanding in noisy environments with less listening effort. 

Connects to ALL smartphones, TV and more - Phonak Audeo Marvel can connect directly to your iOS, Android smartphone or other Bluetooth enabled phones.  It is the world's first hearing aid that connects to ALL phones.  With Phonak TV Connector, a simple plug and play solution you can enjoy your favorite TV programs and movies.  Use Marvel hearing aids for hands-free calls and for listening to TV, music, e-books, podcasts and so much more.  Always in top rated sound quality when streaming.  It is just like using wireless headphones - except maybe even better, because Marvel hearing aids can distinguish between streamed speech and music signals, and automatically adjust to give you an optimized  sound quality.  

Rechargeable Models -Available with powerful rechargeable technology, Phonak Marvels are easy to use, quick to charge and offer a full day of hearing including streaming.  This means no more hassles with disposable batteries. 

myPhonak app - Phonak's new digital service platform is dedicated to improve your personal listening needs.  By using the myPhonak app you get access to the Hearing Diary and remote support services so that your hearing care professional can customize your personal listening experience in real-time. 

Phonak VirtoTM B-Titanium Invisibly-in-the-Canal Hearing Aids

Award-wining - Phonak Virto B-Titanium has been named a CES 2019 Innovation Award Honoree in the 3D Printing category.  Teh CES Innovation Awards, are the world's leading consumer technology awards program. 

Titanium - Titanium is renowned for its strength and durability, being 15 times stronger than acrylic, it makes it possible to build a shell as thin as 0.2 mm, which is 50% thinner than the existing shells of our custom hearing aids.  With a significantly thinner shell and 60% smaller electronic components, Phonak is able to reduce the size of Virto B-Titanium by up to 26% compared to its acrylic predecessor.  

Biometric Calibration - Over 1600 data points are extracted from the ear impression so that the hearing aids are calibrated on the outside as well as the inside. 

Most Effective Automatic Operating System - Further enhanced with an innovative pre-calculation, the new AutoSense OS features the adaptive SoundRecoever2 and a new way to treat expansion for better soft speech intelligibility

Hearing High-Frequency Sounds - As hearing loss increases, the new SoundRecover2 improves high-frequency speech audibility by utilizing its adaptive frequency lowering algorithm that is only applied when the level of hearing loss requires it.  Sound quality of mid and low frequencies is maintained while high-frequency sounds are made audible.  

Oticon OPN Technology

The Groundbreaking VeloxTM Platform - The key to the capabilities of Oticon OPN, lies in the speech and processing power of the Velox platform.  The technologies supported by Velox, including ultra fast noise reduction, makes it possible to provide an open soundscape, even in complex environments, and significantly improve speech understanding. 

Hear Better and Remember More with Less Effort - As Oticon states, OPN is changing more people's lives with a new world of sound, helping them open up to the world like never before.  OPN is the first hearing aid proven to work in harmony with the brain to help people hear better with less effort and to remember more of what is being said. 

BrainHearingTM - BrainHearing describes the approach that Oticon takes when creating solutions for people with hearing loss.  It starts with the fundamental observation that speech understanding is a cognitive process - it happens in the brain.  By giving the brain access to the full soundscape, users can focus on the most relevant sound sources and understanding more with less effort. 

Connect to IFTTT-Enabled Device - Oticon OPN is the world's first hearing aid solution that connects to the internet via the "If This Then That" network (IFTTT.com).  It can turn on the lights automatically when you switch on your hearing aids, or notify you in your hearing aids when someone is at the door. 

Connectivity - Oticon OPN can connect directly to your iOS smartphone or to your Android smartphone via the ConnectClip.  The ConnectClip is also a remote control for your hearing aids and a remote microphone that streams the speech signal to your OPN hearing aids from as far as 60 ft away.  With Oticon TV adapter, a simple plug and play solution, you can enjoy your favorite TV programs and movies.  Use OPN hearing aids for hands-free calls and for listening to TV, music, e-books, podcasts and so much more. 

Tinnitus SoundSupportTM - Choose from a variety of relief sounds, including the popular ocean-like sounds, that can be adjusted to your personal preferences.  Available in all Oticon OPN styles and performance levels. 

Oticon ON app - Oticon's ON app allows for remote control of the hearing aids and allows for access to the Hearing Diary.  It has a GPS locator for locating the hearing aids. 


Siemens (Signa) Styletto

Stylish - A sharp design and sophisticated form, the graceful Styletto offers a comfortable fit that suits your busy lifestyle.  The new Styletto from Signia is more than just a hearing aid - it is high-tech, slim, and stylish. 

Rechargeability - The convenience of portable rechargeability, lasting all day on a full charge.  Its portable, easy-to-use charging case provides approximately 19 hours of daily use, a full charge in three hours, a 30-minute fast-charge options, and three full charge on the go.  LED status indicators let you track the charging process. 

TouchControlTM - The TouchControl app lets you change your hearing aids' programs and settings remotely via your smartphone. 

Natural Sound of Own Voice - The Styletto maintain the natural sound of your own voice and balance it with all surrounding sounds.  This lets you enjoy the most natural listening experience and highest hearing performance.  As a world's first, the Own Voice Processing (OVPTM) provides you with natural sounding own voice combined with optimal perception of all other sounds for the most pleasant, natural listening experience. 

Speech in Noise - Enables you to hear speech clearly in all situations through advanced noise suppression technologies.  This makes it easier for you to understand your conversation partner, even in very noisy environments like restaurants or conventions. 

Conversation while Moving - The 2D Classifier provides advanced automatic control in all situations to let you enjoy the highest hearing performance.  To deliver optimal hearing even when moving, the hearing aid settings are automatically adjusted based on the myControl App's motion data. 

These are just some of the highlights.  There are many hearing aid option, our audiologists at Audiology and Hearing Center of Tampa will help you choose the best hearing aids for your hearing loss, listening needs, and budget.  We have a personal investment in each and every patient, and welcome the opportunity to become a partner in your hearing health. 

Contact us to schedule an appointment to learn more about your hearing and which solution is best for your needs. 

We are certified Lyric Providers