Misophonia and Solutions

What is Misophonia?


Misophonia is a severe sensitivity to specific sounds.  It's often an oral sound that someone makes when they eat, chew, yawn, breath, yawn, or whistle.  These sounds are often labeled as the "trigger" sounds. When a person suffering from misophona hears the sounds, the person has a very strong emotional reaction such as anger, anxiety, hate, rage, disgust, and resentment.  


A person experiencing misophonia usually has normal hearing.  It is not a sensitivity to the loudness of sound, but an emotional and physiological reaction to the specific sounds.  It may cause the sufferer to avoid restaurants or eat separately from their spouse, family, or roommates.  In worse situations, one could act on how he or she feels, like attacking the person who is making the sound, physically or verbally.  

What causes Misophonia?


​There is no known cause for misophonia.  Researchers believe that it could be related to how sound affects the brain and triggers automatic responses in the body.  This condition is more common in female, and its onset is quick, but not related to any one event. 

How can an Audiologist Help?


An audiologist will evaluate the effect of the misophonia with the use of the misophonia history questionnaire and the misophonia assessment questionnaire.  He or she may prescribe hearing devices that also have a sound generator.  Many who suffers from misophonia find relief with the sound generator when the sound is programmed appropriately.  These devices are small and discreet, and are barely noticeable. 

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