How Do You Remove an Earwax Blockage?

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Clogged ears are fairly common.

After all, your ear can feel clogged when you’re congested, or when you have water in the ear. But the sensation of a blocked ear can also happen when you have impacted earwax or can even be an early sign of hearing loss. If a clogged ear is causing hearing loss, and it doesn’t clear within a few days, you should get it checked out.

Can earwax cause problems?

Hearing loss can affect your memory, and even mild hearing loss has an effect on your brain.

Which is why earwax, or any ear blockage, if it affects your hearing, can also affect your memory over time.

If you’re experiencing hearing loss, even mild hearing loss, you should call us to schedule an appointment for a hearing test and visual inspection of your ear canal – it might just be wax. We can safely remove earwax. Give us a call.

How do you remove an earwax blockage?

Normally, earwax washes out in the shower on its own or gets pushed out of the ear. But impacted earwax can block the ear canal and cause infections. Ear drops are a safe way to remove earwax. 

Even congestion often clears within a few days.

However, early sudden hearing loss can also feel like your ear is blocked by earwax. So if you have a feeling that your ear is clogged or blocked, and it just won’t go away, you should give us a call.

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